10 Foods That Look Amazing But Taste Terrible

Rainbow bagels are trendy, but many eaters believe they lack taste.

1. Rainbow Bagels

Many adults dislike fairy bread, but kids love it. Sprinkles on white bread slices make it attractive.

2. Fairy Bread

Green papaya may be tasty if you wait till it's ripe and add savory toppings. 

3. Green Papaya

Many love and loathe durian fruit. Not only does it smell bad, but it tastes awful.

4. Durian Fruit

Dragon fruit is gorgeous with its pink, spiky shell. However, its flavor may not be as special.

5. Dragon Fruit

Because consumers like sweet and salty, donut burgers are becoming more popular. Sadly, the combo typically fails.

6. Donut Burger

Chocolate is divine, but some are better than others. Pure chocolate has supporters but disappoints many.

7. Pure Chocolate

Fondant makes cakes look like works of beauty. Although it looks good, it doesn't always taste well.

8. Fondant

Licorice candies are a traditional treat that some love and others hate. Its harsh, salty or bitter flavor is best acquired.

9. Licorice Candies

Grapefruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, many individuals dislike them. 

10. Grapefruit

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