10 Foods You Are Eating That Are Gradually Destroying Your Brain

Sugary sodas and energy drinks include brain-inflaming artificial sweeteners. 

1. Sodas and Energy Drinks

White bread has a high glycemic index, raising blood sugar quickly. 

2. White Bread

Margarine is promoted as a healthier alternative to butter, yet trans fats damage brain cells.

3. Margarine

Red meats like beef, hog, and lamb contain saturated fats that can harm the brain. 

4. Red Meats

Purchased salad dressings often include sweets and harmful fats. 

5. Salad Dressing

Fried chicken and fries include trans fats, which can cause brain enlargement.

6. Fried Foods

Refined white rice can raise blood sugar and cause brain inflammation. 

7. White Rice

Alcohol abuse can reduce brain tissue and impair cognition. 

8. Alcohol

High salt levels in canned soups can harm brain function. 

9. Canned Soups

Sugar and harmful chemicals are common in ketchup and BBQ sauce. 

10. Syrups and Sauces

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