10 Processed Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Whole Wheat Bread Not all bread is bad. Whole wheat breads include fiber, minerals, and protein.

Frozen Lentils Lentils are high in protein, fiber, folate, magnesium, manganese, and other minerals

Yogurt Most people wouldn't think of yogurt as a processed food, but it is.

Dried fruit Dried fruits provide as many nutrients as fresh apples or berries but less water.

Frozen whole grain waffles White-flour frozen waffles may not be the best breakfast option, but whole-grain ones are. 

Popcorn Popcorn is tasty, healthy, and easy to have on hand. 3 cups of this fiber-and-magnesium-rich food has 100 calories.

Hummus Hummus is made primarily of garbanzo beans and olive oil, making it a heart-healthy snack with fiber and protein.

Soy Milk There are several processing options for plant-based, non-dairy milks.

Canned Fish Fish in a can is more processed than fresh salmon or trout, but it still has good nutrients and costs less.

Bean-based pasta Each serving of this bean-based penne has 15% of the Daily Value for iron, 12 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber.

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