10 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Fruit for Breakfast

Our favorite smoothie was made into a smoothie bowl with extra fresh fruit and toasted nuts for crunch.

Berry Smoothie Bowl

This simple, tasty dessert is excellent for brunch guests. Elegant enough to serve as dessert at other meals. 

Raspberry Peach Puff Pancake

Use leftover cranberries, apples, and walnuts in this warm baked oatmeal. 

Cran-Apple Baked Oatmeal

These tasty slow-cooker grains are ideal. Fast and healthful, this slow cooker dish is a family favorite. 

Apple-Cranberry Grains

This fluffy French toast bake is easy to make the night before and bake in the morning. Though delicious enough on its own.

Raspberry-Cinnamon French Toast

These blueberry turnovers are best served fresh, but you may make them ahead. 

Blueberry Turnovers

These light fruit-topped crepes for breakfast or brunch with guests. Sweet treats are easy to create and delicious. 

Strawberry Banana Crepes

This oatmeal tastes like my favorite dessert, bananas Foster. If rum extract is unavailable, double vanilla. 

Bananas Foster Oatmeal