5 Floor Exercises for Full-Body Weight Loss

Burpees Start burpees with a tall posture and shoulder-width feet. 

Burpees Activating your core while descending into a high plank. 

Knee to Chest Sit on your butt to commence the knee-to-chest exercise. 

Knee to Chest Lengthen your legs and lean back. Reverse the action to raise your legs to your chest. 

Pushups This bodyweight complex exercise may be done from the knees, inclination, tricep, or broad grip. 

Pushups Classic pushups start in a high plank posture with your hands shoulder-width apart.

Leg Raises The leg raise works your core and legs. Lay flat on your back on a gym mat for this exercise. 

Leg Raises Put hands under pelvis. Lower both legs to six inches above the floor after lifting them two feet.

Bicycle Crunches Bicycle crunches conclude our full-body weight loss floor workouts.

Bicycle Crunches Resting flat on the floor with your legs stretched and shoulders and head elevated. 

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