7 Strength Exercises You Should Do For Weight Loss 

Resistance Interval Training Wearing a weighted vest with 20 to 40 pounds and performing sprints will help you build muscle and get your results.

Squats Squat with shoulder-distance feet. Hold your arms at your hips or in front of you. 

Shoulder Presses Tall, shoulder-distance feet. Raise both dumbbells by your shoulders. Face your palms ahead. 

Bicep Curls Start standing tall with hip-width feet. Hold a dumbbell at your sides, palms facing front.

Tricep Extensions Place your feet hip-width apart. Fully extend your arms while lifting a dumbbell overhead with both hands.

Rows Standing tall, feet hip-width apart. With hands facing each other, hold a dumbbell at each side.

Sled Pushes Sled pushes work your entire body, develop muscle, and burn calories. 

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