7 Teas That Help Reduce Inflammation In The Body

In Ayurvedic medicine, Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is nicknamed “the queen of herbs” for its health benefits. 

1. Holy Basil

A rose bush's flowerless “fruit” is rose hips. They are antioxidant-rich and utilized in herbal therapy.

2. Rose Hip

Tart cherry juice reduces chronic illness inflammation like arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces joint pain.

3. Tart Cherry

Fennel teas have traditionally been used after meals to improve digestion and prevent stomachaches. 

4. Fennel

Ginger has some of the strongest antioxidants. Inflammatory cytokines are reduced by several root antioxidants. 

5. Ginger Tea

One of its numerous health benefits is decreasing inflammation. Curcumin disrupts chronic inflammatory pathways. 

6. Turmeric Tea

One of the healthiest teas is green. Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols. 

7. Green Tea