8 Foods Foreigners Will Give Anything to Taste

A maple syrup drizzle, crunchy fried chicken breast, and fluffy waffles are unusual.

1. Chicken and Waffles

Root beer differs from soda. Sweet and peppery, it tastes distinct.

2. Root Beer

This meal is tasty and spicy owing to cayenne pepper or other flavors. 

3. Gumbo

Apples, rich pecan, sweet potatoes, strawberry rhubarb, and pumpkin pies are popular.

4. Pie

Deep-fried corn dogs are cornmeal-battered hot dogs. 

5. Corn Dogs

Breakfast, lunch, and supper may be great with fluffy biscuits and creamy gravy. 

6. Biscuits and Gravy

It's known for its onion-stuffed square burgers cooked in a unique sauce. 

7. White Castle Burgers

You can eat beef jerky anyplace. Tourists love it for its chewy texture and salty taste.

8. Beef Jerky

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