8 Foods That Will Last Forever In Your Pantry

Apple cider vinegar: Indefinitely Apple cider vinegar (ACV) may help control blood sugar levels and minimize rises while consuming refined carbs and sweets.

Chia seeds: 18 months Want to add fiber, protein, and healthy fats to your yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, or overnight pudding? Chia seeds are a great pantry addition and last 18 months.

Red wine: 3-5 years Reason for "Ages like fine wine." Over aging, red wines can become smoother in texture and composition. 

Mustard: 1-2 years You may store your mustard bottle in the fridge if you prefer it on hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches. 

Soy sauce: 3 years Soy sauce, made from fermented soybeans and wheat, adds savoury flavour to many foods. 

Canned coconut milk: 2-5 years Keeping a can or two of coconut milk on hand is handy for Thai curries or non-dairy lattes.

Coconut oil: 3 years Oil pulling and coffee energizing are other uses for coconut oil. This oil lasts three years in a pantry jar.

Sesame oil: 2 years Due to its antioxidant content, sesame oil is a healthier cooking oil. This oil includes sesamol and sesaminol, which decrease inflammation and improve health.

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