8 Snacks You Used To Think Were Healthy

Although 100% fruit bars are better than the fake, color-loaded fruit treats of your youth, they are still sugar bombs.

1. Fruit Bars

Bottled smoothies from the supermarket or local bodega, no matter the hue, seldom deliver the balance and nutrients of a DIY blend.

2. Bottled Smoothies

Half of what we call "granola bars" don't include granola yet have more calories than a meal.

3. Granola Bars

Just because something has a ‘healthy’ label on it doesn’t mean it’s actually healthy.

4. Vegan or Paleo Cookies

Whole-wheat pita chips are OK, especially with a high-fiber, protein-rich cuisine like hummus. 

5. Pita Chips

Even your standard mix of peanuts, raisins, almonds, and M&Ms has an alarming amount of sugar.

6. Store-Bought Trail Mix

Beware eating salted or flavored nuts, as sweet-seasoned ones (such honey-roasted peanuts) may have high sugar content.

7. Salted or Flavored Nuts

Even almonds wrapped in Greek yogurt or dark chocolate contain additional sugar, making them a disguised treat.

8. Chocolate- or Yogurt-Covered Nuts

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