9 Exercises for Advancing MS: Workout Ideas and Safety

Better breathing improves blood circulation. This boosts heart and lung health.

1. Yoga

You may feel more flexible in water. A pool may allow you to accomplish things you can't do outside.

2. Water exercise

Strength training strengthens and speeds recovery. Injury prevention is another benefit.

3. Weightlifting

Yoga and stretching have similar effects. This includes: giving the body air, activating muscles.

4. Stretches

Balance balls can help you improve your balance and coordination by training main muscle groups and sensory organs.

5. Balance ball

Tai chi is a low-impact martial art. MS patients like tai chi for its flexibility, balance, and core strength.

6. Martial arts

Exercise that boosts your pulse and breathing rate is healthy. This activity may improve bladder control. 

7. Aerobic exercise

You'd pedal like a regular bicycle, but the stationary bike eliminates balance and coordination issues.

8. Recumbent bicycling

Sports improve balance, coordination, and strength. Such activities include: basketball, handball. 

9. Sports

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