9 Worst Foods Destroying Your Muscles

Fatty Cold Cuts Fatty pork cold cuts are rich in saturated fat and may affect muscular function. 

Frozen Pizza Nine grams of saturated fat per slice of frozen pizza is about half of your daily intake.

Sweetened Coffee Drinks Coffee's caffeine might help you work out, but frappes and caramel lattes are high in sugar. 

Sugary Baked Goods High sugar intake is associated with insulin resistance and inflammation.

Candy Sour and sweet candy are major sources of added sugars.

French Fries Fries are ultra-processed and heavy in saturated fat, which can cause weight gain.

Fried Chicken Like fries, fried chicken is heavy in saturated fat and calories. 

Soda Excessive consumption of sugars and added sugars, especially in sugary beverages.

Alcohol Alcohol can disrupt protein synthesis, impair nutrient absorption, and decrease testosterone.

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