Best Standing Workouts for You To Lose Weight

 Jumping Jacks Jumping jacks work various muscular groups and increase heart rate. 

High Knees High knees burn calories, strengthen your core, and increase heart rate. 

Standing Bicycle Crunches Standing bicycle crunches assist women lose weight by strengthening and toning the core.

Squats with Leg Raises Burn more calories and fat with squats with a leg lift because they engage several muscle groups.

 Standing Side Leg Lifts Standing leg lifts tone and shape the outer thighs and hips for a more balanced and contoured body. 

 Bodyweight Deadlifts Bodyweight deadlifts strengthen your lower body, engage various muscle groups, and stretch your hamstrings. 

 Butt Kicks Butt kicks are a high-intensity aerobic activity that burns calories and fat by using leg muscles and raising heart rate.

Standing Mountain Climbers A vigorous, full-body workout, standing mountain climbers raise heart rate, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular fitness. 

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