Low-calorie veggies that are ideal for dieting

Broccoli Broccoli is a top weight-loss veggie. It's low in calories but high in protein and fiber, which fill you up. By weight, broccoli has more vitamin C than oranges.

Mushrooms Mushrooms can replace meat due to their chewiness. This research included 73 obese people who ate red meat or mushrooms.

Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts, like broccoli, are more satisfying than other vegetables because they provide 4 g of protein and fiber per cup. 

Kale Perhaps the healthiest food on Earth is kale. Another protein- and fiber-rich vegetable, it comes in green and purple variations.

Carrots Carrots are the greatest source of vitamin A, with 400% of your daily dose per cup. They taste sweet because they are high in natural sugars.

 Beets Beets have 58 calories per cup and can be used to make low-sugar smoothies. Eat the beet greens instead of tossing them away.

Bok choy Vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, iron, potassium, and manganese are abundant in bok choy. It may be the foundation for stir fries and other low-calorie Asian dishes.

Cucumber A cucumber's 90% water content would be undetectable in your hand. Many individuals mistake thirst for hunger and grab for food instead of water.

How to Lose Weight With Smoothies the Healthy Way