The Most Effective Weight-Loss Fruits

Banana Bananas, despite their negative reputation, are nutritious and can help you lose weight.

 Grapefruit This sour fruit may help you lose weight if taken before a meal, according to study. 

Pineapple Pineapple has bromelain, which improves protein digestion

Avocado Avocado's beneficial fats and fiber may help you lose weight when added to salads.

Berries The berry snack took longer to consume than sweets, according to researchers. Both effects may aid weight loss.

Cherries Cherries, another antioxidant-rich fruit that improves sleep, may help you lose weight. 

Pear Pears are one of the highest-fiber fruits, with 6 grams per serving. We know fiber helps weight reduction.

Lemon Adding freshly squeezed lemon to water may help you lose weight by increasing fluid consumption. 

Melon Melon is a low-calorie fruit with significant water content. Weight loss foods with lots of volume and little calories are ideal.

Kiwi Kiwis, both green and yellow, include vitamin C and fiber, which may help you lose weight. 

Papaya Papaya, a tropical fruit with orange flesh and clustered black seeds, contains digestive enzymes. 

What to Drink to Lose Weight