Top 10 Smoothies for Shedding Pounds

Pumpkin smoothie Pumpkin is a good clean burning carbohydrate and when you add the protein powder you'll balance your blood sugar.

Berry smoothie Combining a non-dairy, low-calorie smoothie first thing in the morning with a roughly even portion of high-quality protein.

Strawberries Smoothie It's a paleo delight that gives you all the benefits of strawberries while satisfying your sugar cravings. 

Chocolate Coconut Banana Smoothie This dessert-like smoothie with coco-nuts might help you lose weight. Adding Greek yogurt makes a high-protein, fat-burning.

Avocado-Lime Smoothie This nutritious, filling green fruit is ideal for weight loss because to its beneficial fats and minerals.

Pear Smoothie Pears are unusual in smoothies, but try them! Bartlet pears are luscious and delicate when ripe, great for mixing and flavoring.

Raspbery Peach-Swirled Smoothie There's something about peaches and cream. Greek yogurt makes the smoothie creamy, while raspberries provide acidity. 

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