Top-Rated Weight-Reduction Vegetables 

Watercress Watercress offers unique disease-fighting chemicals and is nourishing despite its low calorie content.

Lettuce Romaine lettuce, like most leafy greens, is rich in vitamins A and K, which are essential for skin, eyes, hair, and bone health.

Celery Celery has traditionally been considered a negative-calorie meal since it takes more energy to breakdown than it offers. 

Zucchini Zucchini, sometimes known as courgette, is a summer squash that resembles a cucumber. It offers trace levels of zinc, copper, and phosphorus.

Radishes Radish is a brassica root vegetable from Europe. Radishes vary in color, flavor, and size. They taste sharp and add snap to dishes.

Endive Endive, a chicory leaf vegetable, is related to sugarloaf and radicchio. Both curly endive and escarole are phytonutrient-rich.

Swiss chard Swiss chard is one of the greatest vitamin K sources, giving roughly four times your daily requirement per cup.

 Asparagus Also known as the spear of the vegetable world, asparagus is a delicacy at times. Saponins provide it antitumor and immunity-boosting effects.

Low-calorie veggies that are ideal for dieting