Top Weight Loss and Fat Burning Detox Waters

Grapefruit/Mint Grapefruit water is a fantastic method to cleanse and burn fat, but adding mint adds taste and detoxifying minerals.

Lemon/Lime/Cumin High-dose lime and cumin helped people lose weight and lower their BMI for eight weeks. 

Blueberry/Lemon One of the most potent plant chemicals in blueberries is anthocyanin.

Raspberry/Lemon Raspberry water with lemon won't suddenly reduce weight or purify your body.

Mint/Melon Watermelon is best eaten in summer, but adding it to your water year-round may help you lose weight. 

Orange/Lemon/Mint Citrus polyphenols have been associated to weight reduction and control. Make a glass of orange, lemon, and mint water to use this easily.

Orange/Pomegranate/Cinnamon It wouldn't harm to add cinnamon to your water as several studies have connected it to weight loss and obesity prevention. 

Blackberry/Mint Blackberries may reduce fat and improve insulin sensitivity, making them a good addition to water. Add mint for taste and natural breath freshener.

Lemon/Celery/Cucumber It may seem odd, but cucumber, celery, and lemon water may relieve your thirst and purify your body.

Kiwi/Cucumber/Mint Golden kiwis to lower body fat and inflammation, as well as sweetening water without sugar. 

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