Toxic Foods You Know Are Bad for You, But You Keep Eating Anyway

 Try fresh or frozen tuna for taste without danger.

1. Canned Tuna

Choose salmon, trout, and sardines over swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish, which have high mercury levels.

2. Fish

Try fresh or frozen fruit for the same taste without the junk.

3. Fruit Canned in Syrup

Choose whole-grain or oats-based cereals for nutrition without sacrificing health.

4. White Flour-based Cereals

Choose organic or local strawberries to avoid this danger.

5. Non Organic Strawberries

Use natural sweeteners to bake a healthy sweet treat at home.

6. Packaged Doughnuts

Whole-grain flour is a healthier alternative to these toxic substances.

7. Pre-made Pie Crusts

A veggie burger with fresh veggies and whole-grain buns is healthier.

8. The Impossible Burger

 Instead, choose natural ice cream with natural ingredients.

9. Low-fat Ice Cream

Choose sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to lessen danger.

10. Table Salt

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