Vegetables You Should Avoid to Lose Weight

Due to their fiber and protein content, legumes including beans, lentils, chickpeas, and soybeans are healthy in moderation.

1. Legumes

But consuming too many of these might increase your calorie consumption and prevent you from losing weight.

Corn, another starchy food, is also bad for weight reduction due to its high calorie content.

2. Corn      

One medium sweet corn ear has 90 calories. However, five medium mushrooms contain 20 calories.

Sweet potatoes, like other potatoes, are heavy in starch and not good for weight reduction. 

3. Potatoes

As chips and fries or mashed with gobs of gravy, potatoes are typically harmful.

Like beans, peas are “pulses.” Pulses usually have good nutrition. 

4. Peas

But they have more calories. This makes them best eaten moderately.

Parsnips are starchy, so go easy on them like potatoes. They're extremely carb-heavy.

5. Parsnips

Since parsnips and other root veggies have similar carb content to grains, think of them as grains.