Weight Loss Foods with 50 Calories (or Less) Per Serving

One Hershey's dark chocolate square has 35 calories. 

1. Dark Chocolate

Salted air-popped popcorn has 46 calories per 100g.

2. Salted Air-Popped Popcorn

Blackberries are the ideal dessert. 1/2 cup: 31 calories.

3. Blackberries

1/4 cup shelled edamame has 47 calories and loads of protein. 

4. Shelled Edamame

Vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthful fats are contained in them.

5. Olives

Oven-roasted food tastes delicate and toasted without fat.

6. Eggplant

They make a great low-carb, low-calorie snack with fresh sautéed vegetables or lean protein.

7. Shirataki Noodles

One cup of sliced strawberries provides 50 calories. They even whiten teeth.

8. Strawberries

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