What to Drink to Lose Weight

Green Juice with Pulp Pulped green veggie juice is nutritious. Try cabbage, celery, kale, or spinach.

Gut-Friendly Drinks A gut-friendly drink is one of the finest weight loss beverages because a happy gut is a healthy gut.

Pea Protein Smoothie Pea protein makes smoothies weight-loss-friendly. Pea protein's fiber and protein will keep you full and prevent nibbling.

Green Tea Antioxidants in green tea reduce obesity-related chronic inflammation. It has no calories either.

Raspberry Ginger Lime Even zero-calorie drinks are high in sugar and calories, making them bad for weight reduction. 

Spicy Metabolism Booster Capsaicin, the fiery component of cayenne pepper, has been shown to decrease appetite and make you feel full.

Coffee Drinking coffee without milk or sugar is a calorie-free method to receive caffeine and lose weight. 

Water With a Pinch of Celtic Salt Add a pinch of Celtic salt to your water if you drink it outside of meals and are dehydrated or peeing frequently.

Top 10 Weight Loss Healthy Carbs