Worst Breakfast Foods Guaranteed to Leave You Hungry & Sluggish

Store-bought muffins On your busiest mornings, muffins are a tasty treat to take on the go, but if that's all you eat, you'll be hungry before noon.

Bagels Having a balanced breakfast of protein and fiber is the greatest way to feel full and energized all morning. 

Donuts Since deep-fried, sugary donuts have little nutritional benefit, they're not suggested for breakfast.

Sugary cereals Sugary cereals, like doughnuts and muffins, lack nourishment to provide energy and fullness.

Frozen waffles A frozen waffle in the toaster while you get ready in the morning is easy, but waffles don't provide enough energy until lunch.

Bottled smoothies Making a smoothie at home lets you add protein, fiber, and healthy fats from fruit, veggies, nut butter, protein powders, milk.

Sugary breakfast bars Many granola products are excessively processed, sugary bars that leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry due to their lack of nutrients.

Sugary yogurt Greek or Icelandic yogurts are strong in protein and low in sugar, making them filling. 

White toast with butter Butter on white bread won't satisfy you, so you won't receive any advantages.

Biscuits Biscuits alone for a quick breakfast have nearly no nutrients.

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